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Curriculum design; national documents; asessment papers; examinations and performance measures.

File icon: pdf How to assess intent and implementation of curriculum Dec 2018 [pdf 1MB] Click to download
The purpose of this research was to ensure that Ofsted could assess the quality of education in a valid and reliable way. Because a refocus on the curriculum – the substance of what is taught in schools – has been at the heart of our recent proposals for the new education inspection framework (EIF), the evidence from this study will play a prominent part in how inspectors will inspect the quality of education in the future.
File icon: pdf Introduction to IDSR December 2018 [pdf 324KB] Click to download
This document provides an overview of the Inspection Data Summary Report - how it will be used by Inspectors,, and advice and guidance on how schools may use the IDSR. This is the latest updated version from December 2018
File icon: pdf Assessment without Levels research report December 2018 [pdf 491KB] Click to download
Research commissioned by the DfE to gather evidence on the types and range of non-statutory assessment approaches in use in primary and secondary schools following the removal of levels. It focused exclusively on non-statutory assessment and did not include statutory assessment.
File icon: pdf KS4 Discounting and Early Entry Guidance October 2018 [pdf 282KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf GCSE Factsheet for employers May 2018 [pdf 180KB] Click to download